I was inspired by the letters of the mythical “Ideales” tobacco package, designed in 1936 in Barcelona by Carlos Vives, director of the designers studio of the Rieusset graphical industry. We have also studied other geometrical models from the 1920s, to be highlighted among them the alphabet drawn by Cornelis André Vlaanderen at Amsterdam in 1928, which would have been very probably the inspiration for the famous tobacco package.
Eutopia has been born with the aim to be useful for the current graphic communications. For that purpose almost 400 glyphs have been designed and more than 2100 kerning pairs have been defined. The multiple diacritic signs have been prepared to allow a multilingual use in most of the languages based on latin alphabet. The OpenType features have been used to get alternate characters of “A” and “g”, and also ligatures, lowercase numbers and other tipographic refinements.
You can download for free in my new typographic website and if you like this font contribute with a donation:
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